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"This program has given me SO MUCH peace of mind around my business finances. (I've been recommending it to many of my clients and I know they are signing up)"
Julia Glyde

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Even After 15 Years in Business & Consistently Increasing Sales, My Bank Account Was Still Empty At the End of Every Month

I used to tell myself:

"Once I get to $X of revenue, THEN I won't have to worry about money anymore..."

Guess what? It wasn't true, and in the summer of 2014 I'd had enough.

After being in business for over 15 years and making a healthy 6+ figure income, I still had no money left in my bank account at the end of the month. And I couldn't figure out why.

I would have a great month in the business! And all the money would be gone as fast as it came in. I would have a low month in the business, and then struggle to make ends meet that month. It didn't matter how much money I was making - the experience was still the same. Struggle!

I had been working my butt off for years to build a business and had created one that I loved with people I adore... yet I found myself wondering if it was worth it.

Could I spend another decade working this hard with nothing to show for it at the end of the day?

Then I came across the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and everything changed. I DEVOURED this book one afternoon during our summer vacation in Montana -  my girls were playing in the lake and I sat on the dock reading.

I found the answers I had been looking for in this book!

  • Why we spend everything we make.
  • Why we ride the roller coaster of money chaos.
  • Why we never make profit, even when we make more money!

And best of all - I found a SIMPLE formula to start creating profit today. I got home from that trip and instantly applied the Profit First model to my own business (I started on July 30, 2014 to be exact.)


There are 3 reasons why you don't have enough profit in your business right now:

  1. You don't KNOW what to do - No one taught you how to handle the money! How to budget. How to manage cash flow. How to set the right price so that you have a strong profit margin. How to make sense of financial reports (if you have them at all.) Until you understand what to do with your money so that you create PROFIT you will always be stuck where you are now.
  2. You don't WANT to do it - I get it - cash flow spreadsheets aren't sexy. The thought of creating a budget may make you want to run for the hills! Money makes your head spin and you wish someone would just take care of it for you. The bad news? YOU need to take 100% responsibility for your money. The good news? I promise it can be simple and - I daresay - even FUN! (Especially when you start to see money building up in your Profit Account - now we are talking!)
  3. You get DISTRACTED and lose focus - You are busy - I am too! And it is SO easy to fall behind on the important stuff, even when we know we need to do it. It is essential that you join an ENVIRONMENT of success for your profit journey. To be a part of a group that will check in with you, answer your questions and even give you a loving kick in the butt when needed. 😉

Crossing Your Fingers & Hoping It Will Change is Not The Answer...

... and yet that is exactly what many of you are doing right now.

You are waiting for that big launch that you can get off the roller coaster of up and down months. So you can have more money and finally get caught up.

You are waiting for that moment when everything comes together and you can stop worrying about money!

It doesn't work this way.

Profit doesn't just happen. It's not luck or timing. Profit does NOT come to those who make more money (in fact making more money can often mean losing more money quicker!)

Profit comes to those who plan for it.

Profit is the result of understanding EXACTLY how money works. How it flows. And what to do with it when it comes in the door.

When you understand money you can shift from the UNCERTAINTY of never knowing how much money will be in your bank account to the CERTAINTY that the money you make goes exactly where you need it.

Financial freedom is not found in making MORE - it's found in the right plan, systems & habits for what you do with the money you already have (even when it doesn't seem like enough!)

We created The Profit Club with this in mind.


For Business Owners Who Want to Keep More, Pay Themselves Well and Be Empowered by Their Money

There are 6 Steps to Creating Predictable Profit

  • 1

    Aligned Money Goals

    The number one reason people don't reach their money goals is because they aren't crystal CLEAR on what they really want and why they want it. They either work towards ambiguous goals ("I just want more money") or towards what they think they SHOULD want ("my coach told me I should make 6-figures"). Decide how much money you want to make personally, and then use the Profit First formula to translate that number into your business revenue goals.

  • 2

    The Right Price

    It's not just about what other people are charging or about what clients want to pay. Yes, those are important to consider but what is more important is how YOUR pricing is going to help you make the money needed to reach your money goals. If your pricing is off you are going to struggle - either trying to sell something that is priced "too-high" and failing, or struggling to deliver on something that is priced "too-low" and running yourself ragged.

  • 3

    Packaging your Products or Services

    What is the best structure for you to deliver your expertise? Is it working 1-1 with clients providing a premium service? Or is it time to look at how to leverage your expertise into one of the 6 other online business models. If you are struggling to meet the demands of your clients OR are simply ready for a change this step will help you find the best way to serve your clients while meeting your profit goals.

  • 4

    Managing the Flow of Money (aka putting Profit First!)

    When you master the flow of money you GUARANTEE that you make a profit every month. What do you do with the money once it comes in the door? How much do you spend on operations? Taxes? Paying YOU? And how do you keep more of the money you make? Implementing the Profit First formula will streamline the process and end the cycle of 'money in - money out' once and for all.

  • 5

    Bookkeeping Made Easy

    Whether you choose to do it yourself or you hire a professional bookkeeper, it's important to know how to track your money and understand your monthly financial reports. You don't need to be an accountant to get this stuff - we promise! But you do need to take responsibility for ensuring your bookkeeping is accurate and up to date, so that you end each financial year confident and prepared to pay taxes.

  • 6

    Financial Freedom

    The heart of the Profit First model is about investing in YOUR personal & business future. Once you have a strong flow of money in place, it's time to look at the longer term plans for you and your business - be it retirement, selling the business or other engaging ways to ensure that your business provides the financial freedom you are looking for.

A Business Coach & an Accountant in Your Back-Pocket

Tina Forsyth & Tammie Belanger on 'top of the world'

The Profit Club was born from our passion to help business owners create strong, sustainable businesses. Bringing the expertise of a business coach and a CPA - plus a combined 20+ years being in business for ourselves - we know how to speak numbers & how to speak business as well.

We've seen the truth of what it takes to create success. We know what works (and what doesn't work!) in building sustainable profit. And we've also helped hundreds of business owners work learn how to make a profit, pay themselves and manage their money.

Our goal is simple - to help growing companies confidently manage their money AND create simple systems that GUARANTEE profit each and every month (yes, you read that right.) With the proper systems in place and an understanding of your numbers you will be empowered to make the RIGHT financial decisions for your business each and every time.

And with The Profit Club you get access to us both - for one low monthly fee. <-- Can I get an amen?

The goal of The Profit Club is simple...

To help you to keep more of the money you make, pay yourself well every money and feel empowered by your money.

What Others Have to Say

"This program has given me SO MUCH peace of mind around my business finances. (I've been recommending it to many of my clients and I know they are signing up)

I've had my current business for 3 years and the not being able to clearly see what's going on with the numbers has created so much anxiety until now. I just kept feeling like the answer was making more money but I never really knew how much and it never seemed like enough.

Having my money in just one business account and watching it go up and down kept me on this crazy roller coaster ride of emotions. That's gone now thanks to this program.

I have all my accounts set up and I've been moving money consistently into each bucket. Even though the percentages aren't where I'd like them to be yet, at least I've started, I'm on track and can adjust as I go. Just seeing the money flow into the accounts consistently is incredibly exciting.

I love that it doesn't matter how much money we are making in our business, the principles apply. I look forward to growing my business in a fun and practical way using this system. I can see clearly what's going on, where I need to make adjustments and what I need to do to hit my financial goals.

Best program I've even taken when it comes to finances and I can't believe that you offered this at such an amazing low price. People are crazy not to buy it and do the work, it's truly life changing in an amazing way.

I'm not a numbers person so the thought of doing this program felt a little intimidating at first but you make it so simple. I just had to trust the process and take the first step. Now I can't imagine running my business any other way.

Thank you again Tina!!!"

Julia Glyde

"I love profit! So nice to be paying myself! I have been doing a similar thing will my personal accounts for nearly two years, and it has really helped me to understand where I am spending and manage my money so much better. And it feels like my accounts are growing quicker than if I had it in one account! Been wanting to do the same with my business but just didn't make it a priority, until you magically appeared in my inbox! You must have known I needed you to hold me accountable and inspire me to get my business in order! Thanks!"

Erin Quint
Erin Quint Naturopath

"It's refreshingly empowering to shift my focus from how much I'm trying to earn (as so many coaching programs advise) -- which becomes another "have to" -- to what I'm doing with the money I do earn."

Carolyn Bond

"I knew that I needed help with managing my money for my business (as well as with my personal life) but didn't know where to turn. I was so happy to find Tina and her Profit First program to get me on track. I was so worried that my business was beyond hope, but Tina showed me that getting on track financially is doable. I did the profit assessment and found out that although I do need to cut way back on expenses, I can pay myself more and a lot more money for team so that I don't have to do most of the work in my business."

Joanne Musa

What is included in The Profit Club

  • 1

    The Complete 6 Steps to Predictable Profit Training

    A Step-by-Step journey through the 6 Steps to Predictable Profit (as outlined above). Each training module is designed to make money 'simple' to understand and give you specific action steps to customize the journey to your business and start earning profit immediately.

  • 2

    Monthly LIVE Profit Group Coaching Calls

    Join Tina & Tammie LIVE every month for an open group coaching call, where you can ask all your questions, bring challenges to the table and get direct support & coaching to enable you to move forward. (To hire a business coach and/or an accountant for this type of support 1-1 would easily cost you hundreds of dollars (or more!) per month.

  • 3

    LIVE Money Makeovers

    We will also be giving our members the opportunity to get a 'money makeover' LIVE on our monthly calls. Focus may be on pricing, packaging, budgeting or any challenge that arises on the profit journey. All members get to listen into these makeovers while they are happening (kinda like being a fly on the wall!) and have the opportunity to learn from each other.

  • 4

    Private Online 'Club Connect' Group

    Our online Members-Only Facebook Group where you will report in on your profit assignments, connect with your fellow business owners, and receive support directly from Tina & Tammie between your calls.

THIS Could Stop You... If You Let It

"But Tina, if I told you the truth about my money situation you would lose respect for me”

Fun Portrait Of A Woman Hiding Behind Her HairThere is SOOOO much shame wrapped up in our money. And as long as we keep sweeping it all under the rug, hiding from it (and hiding it from others!) that shame has a hold over us.

I assure you there is nothing that you’ve done that I haven’t done myself (and maybe done multiple times over) I’ve…

  • Spent too much on something (more times than I can count)
  • Cheaped out in areas where I should have invested (and kicked myself later)
  • Been 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt (for years – I just paid off this debt this past May)
  • Didn’t charge enough for something
  • Charged too much for something else
  • Had a loss in my business at year-end many years in a row
  • Wondered how I was going to pay my bills at the end of the month
  • Wondered where the hell all my money went?! (especially painful when I started making more money)
  • Felt like a fraud because I wasn’t making ‘enough’ money (even though I was well into the 6-figure range)

Money brings up all of our ‘stuff’ – all of our worries, doubts and fears. And we can either get mired in our ‘stuff’ or we can be willing to look it in the eye.

There is no shame in money but there is TRUTH

Money doesn’t lie. Like the numbers on the scale show us our state of physical health – money tells us the truth about how healthy our business is (or isn’t!).

If your numbers aren’t working for you then something needs to change. What exactly that is will vary from person to person.

  • Maybe you need to tweak your pricing.
  • Maybe you need to improve your sales process.
  • Maybe you need to stop spending too much in the wrong areas (or start spending more in the right areas – which strangely enough can have a HUGE impact on your bottom line.)
  • Maybe you need to stop selling something so you can start selling something new.
  • Maybe you need to learn how to manage your cash-flow and build ‘profit first’ habits (as per my story above)

All of these things are fixable if we are willing to get real with our money – to look it in the eye. Even when it’s scary. Even when we feel ashamed – especially then!

Nothing can be fixed without the truth being present. And nothing gets fixed by avoidance, crossing our fingers and hoping the universe will take care of it. (Believe me, I’ve tried)

Put simply – this is business. Money is one of the key measures of success in business (not the only one of course.) We all have our ups and downs. We all have moments that ‘pay off’ and others that don’t.

It’s time to stop hiding from our money.

To stop beating ourselves up for these choices and look at the truth of what they are – an opportunity to change. To grow. To learn more about what success really is and to commit ourselves to a profitable business. One that we can rely on and be proud of.

A year from now your life could look entirely different than it does today... but only if you make a change.

If you are ready to take charge of your profit it would be our honor to support you on the journey.

Yes! I'm Ready to TAKE CHARGE and Create Predictable Profit

The Profit Club is a complete training program that includes 12 months of direct coaching & support to help you double, triple or even 10x your profit in the next year. (I only say that because I've done the same and I know what is possible following this process.)

  1. Pay in full at $970 USD  - GET 2 MONTHS FREE
  2. 12 Monthly Payments of $97 USD - AFFORDABLE MONTHLY PAYMENTS

The Enrollment Window Has Closed

Enrollment is currently closed. Sign up and we’ll let you know as our next enrollment period approaches. .

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